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Practical Guide to Magical Farming Paperback

Practical Guide to Magical Farming Paperback

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Farming, friendship, and a heap of fairy dust.

Reeling from the buzz and bustle of the city, Lilly has traded in her high heels for a pair of sturdy boots. Yearning for simplicity, she embarks on an unexpected journey to the Wild’s of Briarhaven, where magical dangers lurk around every tree and enchantment is weaved into the very soil.

Armed only with The Practical Guide to Magical Farming, Lilly must learn to navigate this new world of magical pests and mischief making sprites. Help comes in the form of her neighbors, a band of endearing eccentrics with hearts as warm as the Briarhaven sun, and Tom, a magically sentient tomato plant.

A light- hearted fantasy about an ordinary young woman finding her place in a magical world.

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